Every year the Rossini Club holds a scholarship competition for college music majors in three categories – instrumental, piano and vocal. The amount offered is divided evenly among each category and is based on the income from our invested scholarship fund. Thanks to the continued generosity of our donors (including many of you), we will again be able to raise the amount we can award – this time up to $2,000 per category.

The Scholarship Competition for 2018 will take place Saturday, June 2, 2018. Auditions will begin at 1:00 pm at Saint Luke’s Cathedral, 143 State Street, Portland, Maine.

The three categories for scholarships include the following:

Instrumental: The Emily K. Rand (now instrumental) Scholarship Fund was established in 1932 in memory of the Portland Rossini Club’s third president, a vocalist who presided in a distinguished manner for 25 years.

Piano: The Lucia A. Wright Piano Scholarship was established in 2001 as a bequest of a Member in good standing for 55 years.

Vocal: The Barbara C. Littlefield Vocal Scholarship was created in memory of the club’s longtime treasurer, vocalist Barbara C. Littlefield.

Who Is Eligible?
Any resident of Maine, who is over seventeen years old and who is planning further study in an accredited music school, college or university,  is eligible to audition for a scholarship.

What is expected at the audition?
Applicants will perform selections from at least two contrasting musical periods for a total of ten to fifteen minutes. Vocalists must perform entirely by memory; pianists and instrumentalists must perform at least one selection from memory. Applicants are expected to provide an original copy of the music to the judges.

Past Scholarship Winners