Release Form for Recording and Airing

I (We) hereby authorize the Portland Rossini Club to record and broadcast the performance recorded on ___________________ for use in non-commercial broadcast(s) on its website, social media, and community television. I (We) understand that, based on time and/or technical considerations, the recording of this performance may be edited before broadcast. This performance will be available online at for listening or viewing.

However, if I (we) are not happy with this performance I (we) can request it not be made public.

I (We) authorize the Portland Rossini Club to use name(s), picture(s), and excerpts from this performance or the entire performance for promotional purposes. I (We) agree that I (we) will receive no compensation should this recording be broadcast on, social media, or community television. Also, I (we) claim no ownership rights to any broadcast programs which use this recorded material. I (We) release the Portland Rossini Club from any liability for claims arising from this recording or any programs using this recorded material.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing herein shall obligate the Portland Rossini Club to use the recording of this performance in any broadcast or online programming or community television, or make any other use thereof.

Name(s) (please print) ____________________________

Name(s) (please print) ____________________________

Signature ____________________________

Date ______________

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