Our members are skilled instrumentalists, pianists, and vocalists who enjoy performing classical music. Some are music teachers and part-time performers, but others are professionals in other fields who made the hard choice not to pursue music as a career, but wish to “keep their chops” as performers. We have several bankers, doctors, financial advisors, etc.

Currently, we have thirty performing members. Often, our members invite guests to perform with them in ensembles. We do not pay our performers, but our performers have the luxury of deciding what they wish to learn and perform next. Once or twice a year, in our monthly concerts, we focus on a theme or on the anniversary of a composer.

Who Can Join?
Any adult is welcome to become an Associate Member by paying the annual dues. Associate Members don’t perform, are admitted to concerts free of charge, receive notices of our concerts and our newsletter, and may help in the administration of the Club. Active performing Members are chosen by audition.

Types of Membership

Active Performing Members
Performing Members audition to be admitted and are expected to perform in the Portland Rossini Club concert series at least once each year. They are encouraged to attend business meetings, show support for fellow club members by attending concerts, serve on committees and pay annual dues (currently $50.00 per year). When Active Members perform they may invite one guest to attend free of charge.

After musicians have performed as collaborative guests in at least two Rossini Club Concerts, they may indicate their interest in becoming a Member to the Audition Chair or to a member of the Executive Board, which may invite them to become an Active Performing Member. Alternatively, the candidate may request an audition and perform three works from different periods before a jury of Rossini Club musicians.

Please email our Audition Chair with your contact information and a brief resume of your education and musical experiences. You will be contacted soon to set up an audition time.

Privileged Members are members of long standing who are no longer expected to perform, but may if they wish.

Associate Members and Subscribers
Associate Members are non-performing members who wish to participate in the ongoing business of the club. To become an Associate Member, pick up and fill out a dues slip at any concert and pay annual dues (currently $40.00 per year).

All categories of membership share the following benefits:

  • May hold most offices and vote at meetings
  • Are admitted free to our yearly concert series
  • Receive flyers announcing the contents of our next month’s program
  • Receive our newsletter Rossini Notes

A Subscriber is defined as “any person who pays an annual fee shall be entitled to free admission to all Program meetings.
They would have no voting privileges and may not hold office.” Dues for Subscribers are $40 per year. Those 62 and older who wish to become Senior Subscribers pay $30 per year.

For more on member expectations, go to the Member Expectations page.