Audition Information for New Members

Musical requirements for your audition:

Instrumentalists: Three selections, each from a different stylistic period ( baroque, Classical, romantic, Modern). One selection must be memorized. Accompanist required if music written for one.


Vocalists need to sing three selections. One is to be an aria from an opera or oratorio, and another must be an Art Song.  One selection should be in English and one sung in the original foreign language. All three must be memorized.


Same as instrumentalists but no memorizing required.

Collaborative Artists:

(Accompanists or ensemble members) Perform in at least two Rossini Club concerts or perform three works from different periods before a jury of Rossini Club musicians.

Please submit with your Application Form and a list of the selections you will perform. Please also provide a brief bio resume of your musical experiences. We will contact you soon after receiving your application form by email or regular mail to set up an audition date.